Bounce House Rentals | Holland, NY

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Bounce House Rentals | Holland, NY

Buffalo Inflatables is the leading bounce house rentals company in Holland NY. Buffalo Inflatables have so many bounce house rentals to choose from. Nothing beats Holland Inflatables bounce house rentals. We have a wide variety of bounce house rentals like our fun Castle bounce house that will make every boy and girls day to our amazing Avengers End Game Bounce house. All our inflatable bounce house rentals are commercial grade and MADE IN THE USA. When you rent fun from Buffalo Inflatables you get amazing quality, Amazing customer service, and safe affordable fun. Holland Inflatables also has some really cool Palm Tree Bounce Houses, Sports Arena bounce house for the sporty kids and even Disney bounce houses. Looking for something a little bigger? Check out our combo bounce house rentals. We have a Dalmatian Bounce House and a Castle Slide Combo that takes your basic bounce house to the next level. ALL our combo bounce house rentals come with a basketball hoop on the inside, small rock wall, Slide exiting the bounce house and a large bouncing area. Bounce House's have been a fan favorite for every kid and teen in Western New York for over 15 years. Holland Inflatables is your next stop for all your party and event rental needs in and around Holland NY. Let us take care of the hard work and let's get this party started today! Reserve online today here!

Water Slide Rentals | Holland, NY

Water slide rentals are a great addition to any Holland NY party and special event rental. Buffalo Inflatables have some really cool Water slide rentals to choose from. Check out our 24ft Palm Tree water slide rental for the teenagers and adults. The 24ft palm tree slide is one of Holland NY largest water slide rentals. This water slide spans an astonishing 75ft long and stands at 30ft tall. This water slide will be the biggest eye-catcher at any Holland NY party and event. Start by climbing on our nonslip material up 24 steps to the top of this massive slide. when you get to the top you're looking down over 70ft of fun and you slip down the massive water slide into the cooling water pool at the end. This water slide is great for kids 5 and up. Not only can kids enjoy this water slide but its also an adult favorite. No matter your age, we all have a fun side in us. If you're looking for a smaller water slide rental we have a 20ft Blue Rapids water slide or our 15ft curve slide. These water slide can hold kids and adults so no matter the budget we have a water slide for you. The 20ft Blue Rapids water slide features a fun 20' climb to the top and a smooth slide down into a massive pool. The 15' curve slide can make your party turn in all fun directions. This curve slide lets you not only slide down a fun water slide but it curves you and slingshots you into the huge pool at the base. Large events to small back yard party rentals, Buffalo Inflatables does it all. Book your water slide rental online today here!

Obstacle Course Rentals | Holland, NY

Buffalo Inflatables offers the best obstacle course rentals in Holland, NY. We have a great selection of obstacle courses to choose from. We have a 32ft obstacle course and a Combo Slide obstacle course that's perfect for school events, backyard parties, and even graduations! These obstacle course rentals will keep kids, teenagers, and adults busy during your whole party. Keep all your guests occupied with thrill inflatables. We offer a huge variety of obstacle course rentals to choose from. Check them out HERE!This is a long form text area designed for your content that you can fill up with as many words as your heart desires. You can write articles, long mission statements, company policies, executive profiles, company awards/distinctions, office locations, shareholder reports, whitepapers, media mentions and other pieces of content that don’t fit into a shorter, more succinct space.

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